Sample Models

The sample decision models are arranged by subject under “Models by Subject” and, alternatively, by type of model under “Models by Type”. Most of the models include a short description, the Superdecisions software file, a powerpoint presentation describing the major findings and a final report about the decision.

The “Subject” list is self-explanatory; in the “Types” list they are categorized into AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) models in which the alternatives were pairwise compared against the criteria, AHPratings models in which the alternatives are rated individually against the criteria, ANP (Analytic Network Process) models with feedback and inner dependence, and ANP BOCR models which are multilevel models separated into Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks.

These models mostly came from MBA and PHD students in Professor Thomas L. Saaty’s “Decision Making in Complex Environments” class from 2001 until today at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA. The students were usually employed fulltime in companies in the city of Pittsburgh so many of the models are related to their businesses so consequently they showed in designing the model..


In case that when opening the SuperDecision models, the fonts look too small and the text is not easily readable, either lower your display's resolution or if using V2.X, increase the font size from Design - Change Font Size.

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