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Model 4.12: ANP BOCR - The Future of Belgium

Short Description

The partition of Belgium is a hypothetical situation which has been discussed by both Belgian and international media, especially in the context of events such as the 2007–11 Belgian political crisis.The status of Brussels in a partitioned Belgium is unclear and controversial. According to a poll (March 13th 2013), about a third of Belgians no longer believe that the country can or should survive. One of the main leaders of the New Flemish Alliance, the separatist party of Bart De Wever, declared that Flanders would become independent in 2014. The fate of Brussels, capital of Belgium and headquarters of the E.U. and NATO, is a major obstacle to a divorce between Belgians. The following alternatives were formulated on the issue being faced by both the Flemish and Wallonian regions by the model: 1. Do not split the country (status quo) 2. Split the country into two different states

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