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Model 4.8: ANP BOCR - Drug Offenses - Jail or Alternative Punishment?

Short Description

This model looks at two alternatives for dealing with non-violent drug offenses in the United States; jail based punishment or alternative punishments. The US currently jails many individuals for non-violent drug offenses; this has a large price in terms of financial costs to taxpayers, loss of freedom to prisoners, associated emotional and family losses to relatives, and overall societal losses. There are alternative punishments for non-violent drug offenders which could more effectively rehabilitate drug offenders that could be utilized in lieu of incarceration. This paper looks at the benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks of using jail or alternative punishment for non-violent drug offenses, and criteria that influence the decision in order to discover a preferred method. The results of this modeling is that it would be preferable for society to use alternative punishment rather than incarceration to address these offenses.

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