Sample Models

Outsourcing decisions

  • Model 3.1: ANP BOCR - Outsourcing IT functions

    Should IT-Driven American companies outsource their IT functions, and if so, which type of outsourcing should they use?

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  • Model 3.2: ANP BOCR - An IT Outsourcing Decision by a Pittsburgh Company

    The objective of this model is to address the question: “How should companies staff their application development function?” The model includes the benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks involved in making this decision.

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  • Model 3.3: ANP BOCR - Outsourcing Services and Manufacturing: India or China?

    There is a lot of speculation in the business world today as to who is going to be the emerging leader in the Asian markets. This project aims at analyzing the growth prospects for four different alternatives: a) India – Manufacturing, b) China – Manufacturing, c) India – Services, and d) China – Services for India and China in the next 5 years.

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  • Model 3.4: ANP BOCR - Selecting the Best Giving Day Vendor

    Fundraising in higher education is imperative to a university’s success in all facets. Of course a school benefits from increased funds, which lead to increased resources, but the university’s reputation is also impacted. Many schools contract with a web development company to host their giving day, while others create their own site if they have the capacity to do so.

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  • Model 3.5: ANP BOCR - Implementing Cybersecurity for an organization (2020)

    Mine Safety Appliances( MSA ) is a manufacturing company based out of Pittsburgh and a leader in industrial safety devices like gas sensors, SCBAs etc. MSA also uses enterprise software to manage its global systems network, employees and customers and has an IT team to maintain its systems.

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  • Model 3.6: ANP BOCR - Omnicell Engineering Outsourcing (2020)

    The decision that needs to be made is whether to outsource hardware and/or software engineering efforts for legacy pharmacy automation products and how to outsource the labor. The current engineering teams are heavily involved in new product development and the sustaining team is being pulled into these efforts. The decision maker is the director of sustaining hardware and software engineering as well as the managers and team leads.

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