Sample Models

Automobile industry

  • Model 6.1: ANP BOCR - Ford Explorer Decision

    In August 9, 2000 the companies Firestone and Ford announced a recall of 6.5 million tires that contained a safety-relate defect. The objective of this model is to determine the optimal decision for Ford Company regarding the Explorer/Firestone conflict.

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  • Model 6.2: ANP BOCR - Porsche SUV Decision

    The purpose of the paper is to determine if Porsche, a manufacturer of luxury sports cars and the world’s most profitable automaker, should have introduced a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), and whether this decision is justified and quantified by Financial, Social and Political benefits and opportunities.

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  • Model 6.3: ANP BOCR - Alternative Fuel

    In this model, the Analytical Network Process (ANP) was used in SuperDecisions software to help determine the best alternative fuels for cars of the future.

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