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Model 0.61: ANP BOCR - Municipal Park Upgrades (2020)

Short Description

The main decision point that will be addressed is whether the township should update the municipal park. The perspective in which the decision point will be addressed is that of the township officials. There are several alternatives that the municipality can consider. The first is to upgrade the park with their initial proposed changes. These changes include adding in an amphitheater next to the pond. This space could then be rented or potentially leased for personal events. Additionally, the gravel walking trails would be paved, and a wedding gazebo would be built that could also be rented to weddings and other special events. The next alternative is to upgrade the park, but with only non-invasive upgrades. This approach would be a happy medium between not upgrading the park at all and upgrading the park with all the proposed changes. Some of the minimally invasive upgrades would include those that maintain the peace and serenity of the current park, such as paving the walking trail, adding the nature pavilion, and adding the exercise stations that surround the park. These changes would not greatly increase the foot traffic of the park by drawing in visitors from other communities; however, those living in the area could enjoy the community more. The last alternative is to not upgrade the park at all. Not upgrading would result in no changes to the current park. The park would therefore remain a peaceful place; however, it would not have as many events and activities, and may not be quite as enjoyable for the everyday park goer.

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