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Model 0.68: ANP BOCR - Pitt Must Pick: BOCR Modeling to Determine How Pitt Should Deliver Undergraduate Classes For Fall 2020 (2021)

Short Description

COVID-19 has turned every facet of life, work, and leisure on its head and left them all in a state of uncertainty. Nothing and no one have been able to escape its grasp, and the University of Pittsburgh is no exception. Due to the concerns for public health and the restrictions placed by the state and other governmental bodies, the ability to have large gatherings is greatly reduced. Since the University of Pittsburgh relies on their undergraduate student body converging in Oakland from all over the world, there are severe consequences for bringing them back to campus, as well as ushering them away. Due to this situation, the University of Pittsburgh is grappling with the question of how to deliver undergraduate classes in the fall. In an effort to make the best decision for the University of Pittsburgh, a BOCR analysis and model will conducted to help them decide the best course of action.

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